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Incorporating AI Into Your Business

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Artificial intelligence is becoming less about Sci-Fi and is becoming a real-world technology that has business applications. A growing number of businesses have artificial intelligence incorporated into their businesses. If you’d like to incorporate AI into your business, you will need to understand what AI is capable of and how it can benefit you. Making Decisions Based On Past Performance Artificial intelligence allows for businesses to gather data and to make decisions based on past performance. This reduces the cost of hiring analysts. AI incorporation ultimately comes down to figuring out which jobs can be automated so that your talent can be redirected toward more useful tasks. Automating Tasks Such As Scheduling An example of an already integrated artificial intelligence system is the work scheduling programs. There are many programs that allow customers to contact repair technicians through an online form. Then, the customer request can be analyzed and transformed into a work order that can be automatically built into the repair technician’s schedule. Working In Conjunction With Human Actors The key to successful AI integration is to ensure that there is appropriate human oversight. For instance, while a request might be built into a technician’s schedule, a human should overlook the request at some point to verify that the AI did not misinterpret the request. Also, when customers interact with AI, there should always be an option to contact a human in case the AI is not capable of correctly interpreting the customer’s request. Analyzing Digitized Data For AI to make the appropriate decisions, there must be a way in which data can be imputed so it can then be analyzed by an internal rules engine. Information can often be automatically extracted from trustworthy sources such as weather reports and from keywords contained within customer emails. This eliminates the need for workers to perform menial tasks such as data entry. Analyzing Images With Image Recognition Technology One of the challenges of analyzing data is that not all data is digitized. And even for data that is digitized, some forms of data are in the form of images. Image recognition technology is making it possible to scan images and identify useful information such as text and easily recognizable objects. As this technology improves, the opportunities for the integration of artificial intelligence will only increase. Navigating the world of artificial intelligence can be challenging if it isn’t a part of your core business. Therefore, you should hire a technology consultant to get more info and to help you understand how you can incorporate AI into your...

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Buying a Commercial Property? 3 Things to Start Planning

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If you’re moving out of your small leased business space and you’ve purchased a commercial property, there are some services you’ll want to obtain to make sure that the property looks great and is safe and clean. You will be responsible for the building and the exterior property once you’re the owner. Without adequate care of your property, you could have liability concerns and problems with staff and clients. You will want to call a cleaning company, a landscaping company, and plowing company to talk about the following things. Cleaning Services Letting your staff clean the building can cause a conflict if they don’t do it properly, if they don’t want to come in during their time off, or if you don’t want to buy all of the equipment. Instead, hire a professional janitorial cleaning company like Springs Cleaning that comes in with the products and the supplies, and have them sign a contract to make sure the job gets done when needed. Verify that the products will be gentle on equipment throughout the space but will kill illness-causing germs.  Lawn Service The grass should be mowed and the lawn properly maintained to prevent insect and pest problems around the building, to ensure that your commercial property looks good, and to maintain the value of the building. A commercial property has to be groomed by experts regularly, and landscaping may be needed as well. Snow Removal Don’t wait until the beginning of winter to find someone to do the snow removal and salting around your commercial property. You want someone you can count on to be there to make sure your sidewalks have salt and your snow is plowed. You want to check references to make sure the company has been reliable for other commercial property owners, and you’ll want to call around to get different prices. If you are moving into a new building you have a lot of things to take into consideration, but making sure the building is always cleaned and cared for both inside and outside is going to be the best way to maintain the property over time. Have the building inspected regularly to see if there are any structural concerns that you should worry about, and expect have random health inspections on occasion from the government. These different things will help prevent you getting violations that could shut you down or get you fined over...

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Why It Is So Important To Recycle Cobalt

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Cobalt is a mineral that is a critical part of several products, including batteries, electric vehicles and super-alloys. Given that the majority of this resource is produced in a single country, there is no guarantee that the resource will always be highly available. For this reason, it is very necessary to recycle cobalt rather than sending it to a landfill. The Benefits of Lithium Batteries Lithium-ion batteries are manufactured with the use of cobalt. Because of the scarcity of this resource, lithium-ion batteries have become expensive to manufacture. These batteries are preferable because they have a very high energy density, a very low level of self-discharge and have very low maintenance. How Cobalt Recycling Has Evolved Cobalt is also a great resource to recycle because a large portion of the cobalt can be retrieved through recycling. Newer innovations in cobalt recycling may make it possible to recycle even more cobalt. For example, Japanese scientists have developed a method of extracting rare earth metals from batteries and separating them from the stainless steel found in the battery. The stainless steel itself can then be recycled. Cobalt and the Availability of Electric Cars There is a high demand for cobalt because of the rising demand for electric cars. The shortage of cobalt is one of the primary reasons why electric cars are expensive and are also difficult to manufacture. It is one of the highest-value metals used in a battery, with lithium cobalt oxide being worth about $25,000 a ton. Part of what makes the cobalt expensive is that it is acquired as a byproduct of mining for other ores, such as nickel. When there is less mining for nickel, the availability of cobalt also drops. Recycling Cobalt Some of the cobalt scrap is recycled during the manufacturing process. Cobalt scrap metal is left behind and is reclaimed either as the chemical cobalt or as a powder. The cobalt can then be reused to remake cobalt products, or can be downgraded and used in batteries that are made in part with cobalt. Some cobalt is also recycled by consumers turning in their lithium-ion batteries to recycling centers. If you have any lithium ion batteries you would like to recycle, there are several companies that specialize in recycling batteries and will usually include lithium ion. Therefore, if you have a cell phone battery or electric car battery that you need to dispose of, make sure you take it to the appropriate battery recycling facility. Contact a company like American Northwest Recycling for more...

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Environmental Analysis | A Property Owner’s Guide To Service

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If you own a piece of property that happens to be rich in oil reserves or even a natural water supply, there is a good chance that at some point you will be faced with environmental analysis on your property. This is a process that take place before natural resource reserves are tapped into for harvesting, either for your own personal use or for commercial purposes. Here are a few of the most common questions land owners usually have about environmental analysis.  What exactly is environmental analysis? Environmental analysis is a process that takes place to survey several environmental aspects of your property before it is mined, drilled, or otherwise disturbed. The intent of the analysis is to determine if it will be safe to harvest natural resources from your property and how it will affect the outlying environment on a biological and ecological scale. There can be several different tests and procedures performed during the analysis, such as water contamination tests and ecological surveys, and each analysis project will come with its own set of tests according to the type of property you have and the work to be performed.  Will this process be performed only one time? It is most common for an environmental analysis to take place at the onset of a mining or drilling project on private property. However, you may see environmental analysis procedures take place, either in part or as a whole process, throughout a mining or harvesting project. This is especially true if your project will be a lengthy expedition, which can have more of an environmental impact on the property itself and surrounding areas.  What happens if undesirable results are obtained during the analysis? The usual purpose of the analysis in the beginning is to determine the least invasive path to harvesting the natural resources that are available. Therefore, if it is determined that it would be difficult to harvest natural resources without disturbing valuable environmental ecosystems or causing irreparable damage, you may be advised to take a different route other than drilling or mining. In the end, the collected results from the analysis will be carefully discussed with you and your available options for moving forward will be determined.  When it comes down to it, environmental analysis is an imperative part of making sure your property is stable and safe in spite of harvesting natural resources. If you gave additional questions about the process, make sure you talk to a company like Neilson Research Corporation before the project...

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Owner-Operators: 3 Signs That You’re Paying More For Fuel Than You Should Be

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As an owner-operator, you know just how expensive fuel can be for your semi truck. In fact, your average rig can use over $70,000 worth of fuel each and every year. Although it’s true that fuel is always going to be a relatively large expense of operating your business, there is a chance that you are spending more on it than you should. These are a few signs that you might need to make changes so that you can save as much as possible on diesel fuel for your rig: 1. You Aren’t Claiming it as a Business Deduction First of all, you should know that you don’t have to pay out of pocket for all of your diesel fuel. Diesel fuel can be used as a business expense when you are filing your taxes, so make sure that you keep track of how much you are spending. Then, you can give this information to your tax preparation professional to save a substantial amount of money on your tax return. 2. You Aren’t Using a Credit Card to Pay for Fuel Signing up for a commercial credit card through a fuel chain that you use frequently can be a very smart decision. Many of these cards offer cash-back or free fuel rewards that can save you a lot of money throughout the course of the year. Plus, paying for all of your fuel on a credit card can make bookkeeping a lot easier to keep up with. Keeping up with receipts can be tough when you’re on the road all the time, but it’s much easier when the same information can all be found on your monthly credit card statement. 3. You Speed Speeding might seem like a good way to get your load to its destination more quickly, but it can cause you to use a lot more fuel. It’s best to slow it down to conserve diesel fuel. Plus, you’ll be far less likely to get a costly ticket or get into an accident if you reduce your average speed when you’re on the road. If you are like many truck drivers, there is a good chance that you are spending a lot more on fuel than you have to. If you avoid these three things and make other efforts to reduce your fuel consumption, you can save a significant amount of money throughout the course of the year. Contact a company like United Oil to learn...

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Three Ways You Can Integrate Solar Energy Into Your Home In A Non-Intrusive Way

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If you want to have renewable energy for your home, solar energy is a great option. The only problem is that conventional solar panels and collectors are large unsightly objects that stick out like a sore thumb. You may not want to add these huge additions to your beautiful home. Alternatively, you can use solar solutions that are less intrusive, such as themselves being integrated into a fence, your roof or other area of your home. If you want a more attractive way to add solar to your home, here are some ways that you can accomplish this: 1. Integrated Solar Panels In Building Materials Today, many solar products can be integrated into the building materials of your home. These can be shingles that have solar panels embedded in them. These materials come in many different styles to be used on different types of roofs. There are also membrane solar panels, which can be added to areas like siding, and they are less noticeable than conventional solar panels. Another advantage of these materials is that they often cost less than conventional solar energy systems, which make them a practical solution for integrating solar energy into the design of your home. 2. Flat Mounted Solar Water Heaters With Interior Storage Tanks If you want to have affordable solar energy, solar water heaters are a great option. These systems cost less than PV solar panels and can be used for heating and hot water. The only problem is that they often have roof-mounted tanks. To make these systems less noticeable, they can be installed flat on your roof, and you can have plumbing for a storage tank installed inside your home. This is not only less intrusive, but also give you the option of having more thermal storage for your solar water heater system. 3. Integrating Solar Energy Into The Fence Of Your Home If you have a fence around your home, you can also integrate the solar system in the fence around your home. This can be in panels that are mounted to the fence around your home. If you want to use conventional solar panels, the fence may be a less noticeable area to install them. You can also use things like membrane panels, or even use a tubular design for your fence to create a solar water heater that is integrated into the design of your fence. Solar energy today does not have to be an ugly, intrusive addition to your home. You can contact a solar energy company like USA Solar Electric, and ask them about some of these solutions to give your home renewable energy without effecting its aesthetic...

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Dredging: Weighing The Pros And Cons

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Dredging equipment is used for a wide variety of purposes from simply widening or deepening waterways to collecting beneficial minerals and seafood from the ocean floor. However, despite the wide use of these practices, there is still quite a lot of controversy surrounding the use of dredging equipment. This is because in addition to the benefits that come along with this practice, there are also some rather serious disadvantages that must be considered. Below you will learn more about both the pros and cons associated with dredging so that you can form your own opinion on whether or not the benefits of this practice outweigh the risks. The Pros Allows Large Ships To Pass – Over time, sediment can build up on the floor of oceans and rivers causing them to become too narrow or shallow for large ships to pass. This impacts a wide variety of industries from the import/export businesses to the commercial cruise ships. The use of dredging practices allows environmental agencies to maintain the current width and depth of the waterways so that these large ships may continue to pass safely. Replenish Eroding Beaches And Land Masses – As the tide rolls out, it will often take a thin layer of the earth out to sea with it. While this will not have a huge impact on a day-to-day basis, it can result in serious erosion over the course of time. By using dredging equipment to collect the sediment at the bottom of the ocean floor, environmental agencies are able to replenish the sand on eroding beaches and even rebuild land masses that have been impacted by erosion. Eliminate Pollution – Unfortunately, despite the passing of multiple pieces of legislation that prohibit the dumping of waste in the country’s waterways, there are still far too many people and companies who choose to use local waterways as their own personal trash cans. Dredging allows for the removal of pollution from the floor of oceans, rivers, and lakes so that it does not interfere with the wildlife that live in these areas. The Cons Possible Elimination Of Species And Habitats – When removing pollution or sediment from the ocean or river floor, dredging equipment will also disrupt the habitats of beneficial species. In some cases, these species may even be removed from the area altogether as a result of the dredging process. This can have a huge impact on the entire ecosystem. Increased Risk Of Flooding – The sediment that is removed from waterways is often dumped in the mouth of rivers and canals. Placing additional sediment in these areas can result in an increased risk of flooding that can ultimately damage any property surrounding the waterfront. For more information about dredging, contact M & N Of Alabama LLC or a similar...

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How To Prune A Peach Tree

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When it comes to fruit trees, the peach tree is one of the easiest to take care of. It isn’t demanding, and it tends to have less pests and diseases than other fruit trees. The peach ripens early in the season, so you can usually keep up with any problems it might have. While it is easy to care for, you should never forget about your tree trimming duties. Pruning helps your tree to stay healthy and continue producing delicious peaches. Here are some tips for pruning your peach tree. Why You’re Pruning the Tree First of all, it helps to know the reasons why you need to prune your peach tree. This will provide you with more motivation for doing it effectively, and not putting it off. Pruning a peach tree first will open the center of the tree, which lets in more sunlight and air. This is going to naturally allow the tree to thrive and keep growing peaches. It will also remove older wood, along with branches that have become damaged or diseased. In addition, you are trimming the tree to a reasonable size so you can harvest it and control the pests. Choosing the Best Time to Prune Most fruit trees are pruned when they are dormant, which is when the tree is still alive but is not currently producing any fruit. However, peach trees are not pruned in this manner. If you wait until cold weather strikes to prune the tree, you risk preventing it from handling the cold temperatures. You want to prune your peaches once the buds are enough to show a pink color. In general, it is better to prune a peach tree a little late, than a little early. Deciding What to Prune The next thing you need to know about trimming a peach tree is knowing exactly what to prune. Every year, you should be removing a little less than half of the tree. This lets it get new growth following the pruning process, and encourages fruiting branches to grow. If you see gray shoots on the tree, these are old and will not bear fruit, so remove them. Shoots that are a reddish color are okay to leave on the tree. When you prune your peach tree, work in a vase shape. There should be several spaced branches that form the vase, instead of a central trunk. These will angle upward and out to leave the center of the tree open for oxygen and sunlight. Remove all branches that are dead, diseased, or damages as fruit will not grow on them. Trim the tree so that it is a reasonable height for harvesting. You should also remove shoots that point straight up or straight down, as well as pencil-thin branches growing toward the center of the tree. To learn more about tree trimming, visit J&T Tree...

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Tips For Selling Old Scrap Metal For Cash

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If you are looking to make a little extra cash on the side, selling old scrap metal may be the answer you are looking for. People often throw away old metal that they think is junk, but it actually could be worth some money to those willing to take the time to scrap it. Here is what you can expect if you want to get into selling scrap metal. Gathering Scrap Metal Collecting discarded metal is the most time consuming part of the job. It is often a gamble, as you never know what you are going to find, or if somebody else beat you to a good haul. The easiest place to start looking is in your local neighborhood on garbage day. Go up and down the side streets and look for metal out on the curb that people are throwing out. Your city may have a bulk trash days where people can throw out bigger items, making it a prime time to go looking. You can also check local classified ads online. Sometimes people are willing to give away a big broken appliance like a refrigerator for free in exchange for moving it out of their house for them. Remember that no piece of metal is too big or too small. If it’s metal, you should be taking it. This includes those big appliances, car parts, small lamps, toys, or fixtures from a home. Determining The Value Different metals will be worth varying amounts of money, and the values are always changing. Thankfully, there are online resources available that will tell you the average value that metals are selling for at the moment. This can give you a great idea about how much you can expect to get paid, and what kind of metals you should be looking for. One of the most valuable metals that you can collect is copper, which can often be found in old wires and tubing. Brass is going to be another valuable item to look for, followed by aluminum. A good way to tell if a piece of metal is valuable is by putting a magnet next to it. Non- ferrous metals will not stick to magnets, and are typically worth more money than ferrous metals that are magnetic Selling The Metal Once you’ve collected your scrap metal and determined its value, you can take it to a local scrap yard and get paid. Before you go, call around and check to see if they are accepting the metal you want to sell, and the price they are offering. This will help save you some time if they are undervaluing a certain metal at the time. Talk to people like Get Green Recycling Co. for more...

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Learn How To Get More Cash For Your Junk Car

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Selling your junk car to a local salvage yard is a great way to recoup a portion of your investment after the vehicle is no longer suitable for daily driving. Unfortunately, while finding a salvage yard to purchase your vehicle may be easy, finding one that is willing to pay the true value of your vehicle may be considerably more difficult. Thankfully, the simple tips outlined below can make it much easier for you to get more cash for your junk car: Always Have Your Title In Hand Many scrapyards are now offering individuals the opportunity to sell their junk cars even if they do not have the title. In order to cover the legal issues that arise from this practice, the scrapyards will simply require you to sign an affidavit stating that you are the legal owner of the vehicle and that you are transferring ownership of the vehicle to them. What these scrapyards may not tell you is that you will receive a much lower price for your vehicle when choosing to use this option rather than presenting them with your title. When purchasing a vehicle without the title, the scrapyard will only be allowed to legally purchase the vehicle as scrap metal. Consequently, you will be given the going rate per pound for the amount of metal your vehicle contains. However, when selling your vehicle with the title in hand, the scrapyard will be able to purchase your vehicle as a salvaged vehicle. In this situation, the scrapyard will be able to provide higher compensation for vehicles that are going to be sold for parts or repaired and sold to local dealers. Deliver Your Vehicle Whenever Possible While many scrapyards will offer free towing services for your junk car, taking advantage of these services will ultimately impact how much you are paid for your vehicle. This is because coming to pick up your vehicle will cost the scrapyard both time and money. In order to make up for this financial loss, they will simply offer to pay less for the vehicle. If your vehicle still runs, your best option will be to drive it directly to the salvage yard yourself. However, if driving your vehicle is not an option, you may wish to explore the possibility of hiring a towing service to move the car for you. While you will need to pay for these services, you will likely find that the cost of a tow is far less than what the scrapyard will deduct from the price of your vehicle if they are required to come pick it up. This is especially true in cases where roadside assistance coverage can be used to pay for a portion of the towing cost. To learn more, or for more help, contact a company like Full Circle Recycling with any questions you...

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